Time of Your Lives Our monthly newsletter: June 2012

Time of Your Lives
Our monthly newsletter: June 2012

Stephen Scott's Amazing Weddings presents The Time Of Your LivesVOLUME ONE, ISSUE TWELVE: June 15, “YEAR END REVIEW”


My name is Stephen Scott, and I am a Wedding DJ, having lived and worked in Honolulu, Kansas City, and now Springfield, Missouri.  I have been performing at Weddings professionally since 1996, and I feel like I have picked up some wisdom on the subject.  As a DJ, my perspective is always on how we can make events fun and memorable.  I want everyone to have the time of your lives, hence the name of this newsletter.  Normally I focus each month on something other than music and then show how easy it can be to incorporate it into your Wedding.


As hard as it is for me to believe, this month marks the last issue in Volume One.  I have actually written a years worth of newsletters, mostly not about music.  There has been a lot of help along the way, with inspiration from the internet, my colleagues in the Wedding industry, and even a guest blog.  That’s a lot of writing from a non-writer like myself.  At times, it felt like it would have been easier for me to play music 24 hours a day for a year, than to make my newsletter deadlines.

But when I made a commitment to take my DJing to the next level and start Stephen Scott’s Amazing Weddings, I gave my word to put in whatever effort it took to make the entire process better for my clients. So I will continue to share my knowledge and experience.  My goal was to build up an online library that show how you can easily get Amazing results without over-thinking  things.

It was never intended to be a Do It Yourself guide: with many things, I actually easier to get the best results by working with professionals.  It should still be your vision, but you can also take advantage of their expertise.

Here is a look back at the first year:

ISSUE ONE: JULY 2011: Take a Lot Of Pictures

We started off with a simple idea that seemed appropriate for the summer.  “Take a Lot of Pictures”  You never know which days will turn into the great memories. Get as many pictures as you can, all the time.  Then I share some advice about a couple of different ways you can use these images in your Wedding Reception.  There’s no reason to have a boring slide show, there are several ways you can use those pictures in ways that will entertain your guests.  Let them tell your story.

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ISSUE TWO: AUGUST 2011: Put those Grooms to work

Some of the small extra’s can be done ahead of time.  With football season and all of those commercials coming up why not set up a few project that the groom can work on?  Wedding favors are a perfect example.  Once you agree on what you want, let him repeat it the 200 times or so that you need.  Getting it done ahead of time, by someone who is probably naturally organized can free up a lot of time for the more creative items.

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The Real DJ Steve, Stephen Scott's Amazing Weddings, Springfield Missouri Wedding disc jockey

ISSUE THREE: SEPTEMBER 2011: 3 fun and trendy ideas

This month, I shared 3 fun and trendy ideas that would add something unique to your Wedding Reception.  The ideas include creating a personalized guest book with your own photos, passing out 3-D view masters with a special photo shoot included, and adding a consistent color and look to the room with chair covers.

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creative guest book Stephen Scott's Amazing Weddings

ISSUE FOUR: OCTOBER 2011: A perfectly timed Ceremony is Amazing

This will be an annual item about how to plan and perform a perfectly timed Wedding Ceremony.  Here are how I handle the 3 most common mistakes I see at ceremonies and why I don’t make them: HOW TO USE MUSIC TO PLAN YOUR WEDDING CEREMONY.

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ISSUE FIVE: NOVEMBER 2011: Spirits of the Occasion

I’m going to look at the bar service at the receptions, and the concept behind having Signature Cocktails.  For this newsletter, I’m going to suggest five of my favorite drinks, and a then share a few tricks I’ve learned about presentations.  If you are looking for a way to make your reception unique and memorable, handling the bar service in the right way can make a big difference.

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The Personal in Personal Wedding Website is the key word – these sites will probably not make you famous.  What they can do is help all your guests have a good time, which as you may have heard me say before “the number one factor in an Amazing Wedding Reception is guest participation”. You can use a Personal Wedding Website to help generate interest beforehand and share memories afterwards.

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ISSUE SEVEN:JANUARY 2012: Get The Most Out Of Bridal Shows

I actually love going to Bridal Shows, they are a tremendous opportunity to learn about Weddings.  And I think that even after being in this profession for over 15 years.  I see cool new ideas practically every time I attend one, whether I have a booth or not.  I highly recommend that Brides go to as many shows as they can, early in the planning stage, and to keep an open mind when they go.  As I explain later, many Brides fail to take advantage of this opportunity in the right way, and it does affect their Weddings.  In many ways, this is my most important newsletter of the year, please read it all the way through.  Hopefully you will never think of Bridal Shows, or the Wedding Planning the same way again.

Here is possibly the best advice I can give you about Bridal Shows:

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Even after all of these years of being a Wedding professional, I had never really thought too much about the “Save the Date” type early announcements.  To be completely honest, I thought it was a little silly.  Why do you need 2 invitations?  What’s the point.  Then I realized that you can’t really send the announcements and expect RSVP’s to be accurate if you send them more than 2-3 months out.  But if you know the date a year in advance, it is better to give everyone (especially the out of town guests) as much time as possible to make the necessary arrangements.

After a lot of thought on the overall planning, I now highly recommend “Save the Dates” if they are done in the right way, at the right time.  Think of them as a fun reward to yourself for reaching the first milestone in your Wedding Planning.  In fact, if you put in the work and get this milestone right,  the rest of your planning becomes much easier.  And of course, not paying attention to the details in the beginning will open you up to lots of possible do-overs and last minute changes.  Take the time to do it right, and give yourself a little treat knowing that you have just avoided the stress everyone keeps warning you about.

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ISSUE NINE: MARCH 2012: Wedding Cakes

The past couple of newsletters have used fun examples (save the dates, bridal shows) as ways to make sure you are getting the “big items” (guest list, budget priorities) right during your Wedding Planning.  I think those are both important things to consider, but sometimes during the Wedding Planning, it’s OK to just relax and daydream a little bit.  So this month, I’m keeping the commentary short and focusing on the visuals.

So this month, I simply give you lots and lot of pictures of cake.  My blog would take about a day and a half to load up with this many pictures, so I am hosting most of the images on my Pinterest site, which has them split up into three boards.

Big Cakes:

Small Cakes:

Cup Cakes:

Read the full newsletter here:

ISSUE TEN: APRIL 2012: Floral Arrangements

I step away from the mic this month and turn things over to our Guest Blogger: Andrea from Andrea K. Grist Floral Designs

Flowers and décor can be an element that can really add a personal touch to a wedding.  Many ceremony and reception locations remain very neutral in their colors and the additional of personal touches from the couple is what makes it special.

Stephen Scott's Amazing Weddings, Kansas City Disc Jockey, Springfield Mo Wedding DJ, The Real DJ Steve

Andrea K. Grist Floral Designs

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I also started two new PinBoards on Pinterest:  Flowers for Bouquets  and Flowers for Decorations.

ISSUE ELEVEN: MAY 2012: This one is for your Parents

We’ve just passed Mother’s Day, and with Father’s Day soon to follow, I thought it would be a great time to think about the traditional Special Dances.  There’s always a First Dance for the Bride and Groom, and depending on the circumstances there is usually a Father / Daughter Dance and sometimes a Mother / Son dance.  This month’s newsletter will give you some things to think about when it comes to the Parent’s dances.

Read the full newsletter here:

So, what’s the plan for Volume TWO?

Expect more of the same.  There are going to be several annual items I will run at the same time, with updates.  There will also be more involvement from other local Wedding vendors and guest bloggers.  The rest of this blog and website has plenty of information about myself and the entertainment factor, sharing highlights of other people’s areas of expertise will hopefully be as interesting to you as it is to me.

And always remember: this is your big day – it’s supposed to be fun.

Upgrade By Simplifying


Relax, have the Time of your lives.


The Real DJ Steve:

Stephen has worked as a part-time Wedding DJ since 1996 under the company name Soundworks.  In 2010, he accepted his own personal destiny and started Stephen Scott’s Amazing Weddings as a full time venture.

More information is available at Stephen Scott’s Amazing Weddings.com, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and 417-595-0553.

 Stephen Scott's Amazing Weddings, Wedding DJ Kansas City, disc jockey, The Real DJ Steve

After performing hundreds of weddings in and around Honolulu, and Kansas City, Stephen has moved to Springfield Missouri in May of 2012.  I’ve seen many different traditions and picked up all kinds of behind the scenes knowledge.  For example, the original working title for this newsletter was going to be “Stephen Scott thinks he knows everything about Weddings” but I wouldn’t want anyone to think I let it go to my head.  There are always new things to learn.  Experience does help, but every client is unique, and every night can be special.

Please email dj@stephenscottsamazingweddings.com if you would like to see our free Wedding Planning Guide:
“Making the Traditional Activities Amazing!”



We’ll be back next month with more ideas on how to ENJOY your Wedding




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